Sophie X

Supreme Claw Queen, Boss Lady & Head Technician.

Treatwell Top Rated 2019, 2020 & 2021!

I've always done things a little differently - but always to the highest standard I can achieve. I chose this career as an adult, but have had a passion and hobby for nails my entire life. This is why I founded If Claws Could Kill after working in standard salons within the nail industry. I knew that what I saw was not how I wanted to work; the one in-one out attitude, speed over quality, economy over cleanliness. I prioritise my clients above all else.

I believe my clients deserve time, attention and effort. My services are different to the average high street salon in that I take my time, allow my clients to experiment and ask questions, as well as making sure each client understands what I am doing and why. I encourage my clients to value looking after the health of their natural nails and skin so that they may freely pick and choose services instead of feeling trapped into always having an extension. How many times have you heard someone say their nails are 'ruined' underneath their acrylic/gel?

The reason my products are all soak off is so that my client's nails remain healthy. This is also why they are all vegan, cruelty free, 5+ free and non toxic. With regard to cleanliness; I use a medical grade disinfectant in an ultrasonic cleaner for all non disposable metal tools. All items that can be disposable are, and are thrown away after every use. (Buffers, orangewood sticks, file sides, etc)

My salon room is entirely private, light and pleasant. Decorated by me; it's designed to make you feel at ease as well as pampered. It reflects me, my values and how If Claws Could Kill treats its clients. My business is and will always be LGBTQIA+ friendly and wholly inclusive.

I specialise in providing entirely custom sets of nails. If a client wants a simple, flawless gel manicure in one colour; they will still receive the exact same treatment as a client who books a 3 hour creative set. I welcome new ideas and products, and am constantly bringing in the next new thing on the market. I am always updating my collection, so please feel free to send me reference images of what you would like prior to your appointment. If I need to order a new colour, a particular gem/decal/flower/anything; I will order it in just for you. Just be sure to leave me enough notice to do so!

As of 2019 Kiki London have made me their brand ambassador - I have exclusively used their gel products from day one, and I am pleased to say my work has been recognised! (I also have a discount code I can share with my clients!)

This business is my life, my passion and my future. I will ensure that you walk away feeling like you have had the treatment you deserve, in order to feel like a true member of the Claw Clan!

-No phones. Please notify me when you arrive, then place your phone in your bag until you have left the salon. This includes work phones. -Clients are to use the provided hand sanitiser upon arrival. -No plus ones to attend with you (this includes children/family/friends -exceptions for those who require a carer present-). -All payments will be contactless, or done as a bank transfer on the day. (No more cash payments!) -Masks must be worn throughout your treatment. I will have some spare for clients so please message me before you arrive if you need one. (No mask, no treatment, I'm afraid.) -All treatments must be booked in advance, I will no longer accept any walk ins.



(If this fee is not paid; you will be required to pay in full upfront before any further appointments will be given.)